Franklands Village Housing Association exists to provide good quality affordable homes and excellent services.

  • to provide sustainable housing for local persons judged to be in housing need.
  • to maintain and develop Franklands Village as a community.
  • to provide a caring and supportive service to tenants.
  • to maximise the useful life of the Association’s housing stock and improve facilities in the properties and around the Village.
  • to charge affordable rents for its properties as defined by the Board of Management which will have regard to the guidelines of the National Housing Federation and the Housing Corporation.
  • to follow policies which will ensure that the Association continues to be financially viable at all times.

Our key values are:

The Association aims to continue to operate as an independent organisation and to build on the aspirations of its founder members that formed the Association in the 1930’s.

Locally based
The Association wishes to retain its close local links and support local people and businesses

The Association wishes to provide good quality housing and services which will not only benefit the residents but also enhance their quality of life. We will also demonstrate, deliver and promote recognised good practice within the sector.

Working in partnership
The Association is keen to work in partnership with the local authority, other housing associations and organisations whenever this will benefit the provision of local housing and services.

Value for money
The Association aims to ensure that we are delivering competitive, high quality services that represent value for money for our residents.

Sound financial management
The Association is prudent in its financial management. This ensures a strong and viable future with the ability to continue to maintain our existing homes and services to a high standard.

The Board and staff operate in an environment which supports the highest levels of integrity: where openness is encouraged across all our activities and with our stakeholders and partners. Our governance is regularly reviewed to ensure appropriate controls and accountability across all areas of our business.

We are proud that great emphasis is placed on the fact that being a small association enables the housing staff to be close to the tenants. Our office operates an “open door” policy and no appointments are needed to speak directly to any member of staff.

Emphasis has also has been placed on maintaining the Association’s properties to a high standard. The Association is strong financially. Prudent financial management over the years leaves sufficient funds available to meet the objectives of the Business Plan.