The Association and Village were originally founded in the mid 1930’s, as a result of an initiative from the local Rotary Club, in response to the effects of the Depression and a particular and continuing need for low cost rented housing.  The land was originally part of the Birch Estate and was purchased in 1929 for the sum of £600.  At that time and for the next 57 years the Association was called Haywards Heath Housing Society Limited.  However, in 1991, it was decided to change the name to Franklands Village Housing Association Limited (FVHA).

Following completion of building operations in 1938, Franklands Village developed into what has been described as a unique community within the voluntary housing movement.  The Village has its own Shop, Scout Troop, Social Club and a number of other special interest Clubs. In addition, there is a Playing Field (held in a charitable Trust formed in 1950). A measure of the achievement of successive voluntary Management Committees has been that many of the original tenants are still happily living in the Village over 69 years later.  In 1989, “The Village” was designated by the Mid-Sussex District Council as a conservation area.

In 1961 two parcels of land were sold to Aimon Limited for the sum of £20,000

At present, the Association’s property stock comprises:-

87 semi detached Houses                          Lock up Garages
84 Two Bedroom Flats                                Village Shop
65 One Bedroom Flats                                 Social Club
16 One Bedroom One Person Flats           Village Hall
24 Bed sitter Flats
1 One Bedroom Flat adapted for a Wheelchair

The success of the Village, in becoming a real community since its inception, has resulted in a large number of tenants electing to remain in their properties for many years, indeed some since the Village was created over sixty years ago.  Naturally, as tenants become elderly they are unable to maintain the interior of their properties, as they would wish.  Nevertheless, such tenants would not welcome the disturbance inevitably involved in carrying out refurbishment works whilst they continue to live in the properties.